Hi, I'm David

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Hi, I'm David

Leadership & Work

  SDE Intern  Amazon.com

Software Development Engineer Intern on Alexa Voice Services, Device and Service Enablement

  Development Intern  Virteva LLC

Developed in the Service-Now Platform to create internal applications for Virteva. Created a fully functional client-facing reporting system that produces a visual breakdown of the Virteva services. Projects were created using JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and jQuery frameworks. Provided maintenance for a custom PHP/LAMP website, learned value of writing code for the "next guy".

  Eagle Scout Award  Boy Scouts of America

Restored a local park by clearing buckthorn, controlling erosion, and planting 26 hearty Minnesota plants. Worked with The Minnetonka Beach City Council, Minnetonka Beach Parks Commission, Three Rivers Park District, and the Hennepin County Railroad Authority to properly plan the project. Coordinated 47 volunteers who did over 100+ hours of work. Rasied all funds needed for the project.

people  Community Advisor Iowa State University

Developed a community of 70 residents by leading floor activities, conducting meetings and encouraging academic and social success. Initiated confrontations about difficult topics with students

pool  Boating Director Camp Teko

Directly supervised and trained 2 lifeguards, resolved conflicts between campers, enforced rules and safety precautions. Supervised up to 52 campers and camp staff at once. Maintained and supervised the use of a fleet of 40 boats.


local_pizza  Food Texter Side Project

What it is: A program that runs on my RaspberryPi every morning at 6am, scans ISU Dining's website for my favorite foods, and texts me when, where and which favorite foods of mine are available that day.

What I used: Python, and a scheduled cron job to run it.

Why I made it: I like making technology that can make my life easier, this app was inspired when I missed my favorite dinner. I was devastated, and vowed this must never happen again. That night I created the food texter.

web Custom Portal/CMS  As ΔΣΦ Webmaster

What it is: A Portal/CMS site for ΔΣΦ members at Iowa State. It includes a point tracking system to track how many points an individual has within the fraternity, contacts page auto-generated from the users database, an admin panel, and a fully featured CMS system for managing the site content.

What I did: Created the entire site from scratch

What I used: PHP, BootstrapCSS, HTML, CSS, Azure.

Where it is: portal.deltasigisu.com

Source: github.com/davidboschwitz/dsp-portal

videogame_asset  Game Connect Class - coms309

What it is: A revolutionary gaming platform that uses your web browser as the console, and your mobile device as the controller. Can be used with up to 4 players.

What I did: Created the backend using Java, set up hosting using a Glassfish Socket Server, structured the database, structured our Client->Server communications using JSON, wrote the website, and set up the linux server to host it all.

What I used: Java, MySQL Database, JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, BootstrapCSS, RedHat Linux.

Where its hosted: gc.boschwitz.me

Source: github.com/davidboschwitz/GameConnect

settings_input_svideo  Mars Rover Class - cpre288

What it is: A Roomba robot, but with a customizable ATMega128 Embedded Systems Chip inside.

What I did: Enabled the robot to navigate through a course of obsticles, boundries, and holes.

What I used: Lots and lots of C, and some hardware.

date_range  Pocketwatch HackISU - Fall 2016

What it is: A app that sends you a notification when you have enough free time on your calendar to complete a task on your task list.

What I did: Created the backend using Node, helped link the backend between our API communication with Google Calendar, structured the database in MySQL, stylized the UI for the app.

What I used: Node.js, MySQL Database, JSON, HTML, CSS, Material Design.

radio  Raspberry Pi Repeater Project Class - cpre186

What it is: A repeater network of a VOIP connected Raspberry Pi computers hooked into small 5W transistor radios to allow for long-range communication typically unseen with normal two-way radios.

What I did: Created the backend server using Java, and the frontend "client" utility using Java. Created the audio interface to listen/output audio from the 2-Way radios, and created the communication methods to communicate between the server and the clients.

What I used: Java, RaspberryPi Computer, USB Sound Card, BF-888S Two-Way Radios

Source: github.com/davidboschwitz/all-star

library_books  Bookshelf HackTech - Spring 2016

What it is: A "social closet" that allows you to show your Facebook friends what you're willing to lend out. This was originally intended to be a sharing utility for sharing textbooks that students no longer need, but it could be used for anything. Simply browse through what your friends are willing to share with you

What I did: Created the backend using PHP, integrated the backend with a MySQL database and Facebook Graph API.

What I used: PHP, MySQL Database, HTML, CSS, Facebook OAuth/Graph API.


I love to explore. This section will be updated when I have time with details about my adventures.

I'll post a blog here later.